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Baran Media-Advertising Company is a creative and pioneer in the field of consulting, content production and advertising in social media.We provide the most effective advertising approaches based on professional and specific methods of social media to achieve your desired goals. Years of experience and technical mastery of our experts on digital technologies, especially social networks, have led us to create the widest network of advertising in social media with 23 million audiences , so that the top brands as well as government agencies and organizations and Private individuals can safely entrust the implementation of their projects to a professional Baran team. Baran Media-Advertising Company has been able to implement projects and hold training courses to improve the knowledge of advertising, branding, public relations, content production and digital marketing skills in general and has tried to be a worthy model for clients and other companies active in this field.

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At Baran agency, we believe that we do not give services to our clients, but consider all the individuals and groups that receive services from us as our business partners, and with several teams specializing in consulting, content production, advertising, media management, and IT , we try to have strengthen our partners. Baran, as a media company with more than 200 social media, has a special ability to identify the appropriate advertising media capacities for its clients. Accordingly, it has been able to identify 3,000 different media and by creating an interactive space, publish its clients’ advertisements in those media as well, and in this way, create the most extensive advertising space in social media.



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Baran brands

Baran Advertising Consulting Center

Maino advertising group

 Fordow Visit Advertising Group

 Brand Up advertising comprehensive platform

Dumino creator studio

Digicell  digital content production center

 “Burno” Influencer Marketing Advertising Group

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Baran productions are used multimedia content to satisfy the audience with services such as graphic design, photos, video, animation, posters, teasers, podcasts, etc.

Digital marketing is our specialty.

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